Day/Month-of Coordination

At this point in your wedding planning process, we encourage you to "Let Go". All you should worry about is walking down that aisle!

C O O R D I N A T I O N   P R O C E S S


Upon booking a consultation, we will go over your wedding needs, plans/arrangements and secure your date upon payment of a retainer via in person or online. (Yes we're virtual!) Payment arrangements can be made based on your payment plan of choice. Your wedding coordinator will keep in touch sending gentle reminders and dates, such as marriage license info, save the dates / formal invites, and update us on your vendor booking selections. Send us an inquiry below and we will send you a copy of our information packet.

3 0   D A Y S   O U T


30 days before your wedding, a 2nd consultation will be made with your coordinator. This is where we will go over the first drafted timeline and all the important details from the wedding to make sure they are implemented throughout the day. The wedding coordinator will reach out to vendors and will verify all services, time schedules, logistics, accommodations, and contractual details. This consultation usually happens on a final walk-through day based on the availability of your venue.

2   W E E K S   O U T 

A final consultation will be made 2 weeks out via in-person or phone to discuss the final drafted timeline of your wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. Your vendors will receive a copy of the day of events. We will go over any important events and details of the day to make sure we are meeting the same expectations of vendors and staff.

W E D D I N G    D A Y


On Wedding Day, you can sit back and enjoy being the bride or groom.

Your hired wedding coordinator will use your personalized timeline of the ceremony and reception to facilitate the festivities and greet previously-contacted vendors to assist them in direction. We will act as your personal advocate for where vendors will set up and how the table placements, flower arrangements, decor, etc. will be organized. Final payment arrangements with other vendors can be made. If there are any wedding mishappenings we help handle that, too.

Our main goal is for you to enjoy your wedding day.


-Package starts at $1,000 & payments plans are available.

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