"Am I remembering everything?" Syndrome + FREE Wedding Day Emergency Checklist

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Do you have "Am I doing everything?" syndrome? Is is causing you to fall asleep a little harder?? As the wedding date is quickly approaching, it's natural to question if you are doing enough. There's so much to remember!

Whether you have a planner or not - this list will help you feel a bit more productive than yesterday. It's a wedding day of checklist for all things emergency. Your wedding coordinator will have most of these items, but not all! Download it and print it out to keep on your refrigerator door, or in your wedding binder for later. Some of these things you may not need, like panty hose. In that case, download it, and edit out those things on a computer. Good as new!

Ok ok I'll keep this one short and sweet - here's the list as promised:

--- Wedding Day Checklist


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