LGBT San Antonio Weddings - Happy Pride Month 2019

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

June is a month filled with love towards the marginalized, yet beautiful side of society. The wedding industry has long time supported the LBGTQ+ community due to their stereotype for having the tasteful eye. Some stereotypes are based off of some truth, right? Creatives like David Tuttera, the wedding mogul, and of course Randy Fenoli and Monti Durham from Say Yes to the Dress the TV show (One of my fav shows!) come to mind . They all add the extra spice to the wedding world, don't they?

We would like you to know that we are definitely LBGTQ+ Wedding Friendly and we will do anything to ensure your day is surrounded by love.

To celebrate love this month of June, we're offering everyone 15% off their day-of coordination packages. Don't matter who you love, it's a gift from the heart to keep the love flowing.

Love Always Wins,

-Stephanie D.

Call or Text, lets chat at (210) 954-5780

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